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The New York 150th Sesquicentennial Committee

This Dust was Once the Man

This dust was once the man,
Gentle, plain, just, and resolute under
Whose cautious hand,
Against the foulest crime in history known in any land or age,
Was saved the Union of these States.

--the Walt Whitman poem, written on Lincoln's assassination,  that CWFMNY member Carmen Delgado alluded to in her talk on October 21, 2009.

A recommended website for past & present Civil War photography from Bob Gagnon via Jim Santagata

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A few photos from our inaugural trip to Philadelphia
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Audio Podcasts

Third Annual
Wm. H. Seward Book Award Winner

Photo by Nathan Burkan
Midnight Rising:
John Brown
and The Raid that Sparked
the Civil War

Tony Horwitz

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Matthew Borowick
Civil War Economics

Recorded April 21, 2010, at the CWFMNY meeting
54 minutes


 Tom Fleming
The Murder of
Major General Nelson
Recorded March 24, 2010, at the CWFMNY meeting
54 minutes

The Joint Committee
on the Conduct of the War

A paper given to The Civil War Forum of Metro NY by Jim Santagata
 on Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Logo of
 The Civil War Trust


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Dinner & talk
on the 3rd Monday of July

July 20, 2015
5:30 pm: Cash bar  |  6:00 pm Dinner

The William H. Seward Award
Winner Robert L. O'Connell
author of

Fierce Patriot:
The Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman


Draught 55
245 E. 55th St., at 2nd Ave.
Midtown East, NYC

Jim Davis of the Seward Award Committee writes:
 I have ordered 12 paperback copies of "Fierce Patriot" for a book signing.  They will sell for $10.00 each (almost 50% off).  All proceeds will go to CWFMNY.  Please announce by email to the membership.
Price for dinner and talk: $40 for members,
$50 for non-members (or members who don't RSVP to the contact person.)
The contact person for July for confirming your attendance is
Carmen Delgado.  If you plan to attend, please contact Carmen no later than Thursday July 16th, at 212-873-1999 or

   The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00PM with a cash bar at 5:30PM.




2015 Calendar
(note updates)






July 20

William H. Seward Award
Winner Robert L. O'Connell, author of Fierce Patriot, a bio of W.T. Sherman.

Sept 21Founder's Son, a Life of Abraham LincolnRichard BrookhiserNational Review
Oct 19 

William H. Seward Award
Winner S.C. Gwynne, author of Rebel Yell, the Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson

Nov 16Lincoln's Other Thirteenth Amendment: Rewriting the Constitution to Conciliate the Slave SouthDaniel CroftsThe College of New Jersey
Dec 7Winfield Scott: The Great Mogul of the ArmyJim SantagataCWFMNY




 William H. Seward Award
for Excellence in Civil War Biography


The Civil War Forum of Metropolitan New York is pleased to announce the awarding of William H. Seward Awards for Excellence in Civil War Biography to Robert L. O'Connell's  Fierce Patriot, the Tangled Lives of William Tecumseh Sherman (Random House 2014) and C.S. Gwynne's Rebel Yell, the Violence, Passion, and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson (Scribner 2014).  Each of these Awards is a full Award of $2,000 plus an invitation to visit the Civil War Forum in New York City.  Mssrs. O'Connell and Gwynne will address the Forum's monthly meetings on July 20 and October 19, respectively, at Draught 55, 245 East 55th Street, New York City.  For further information, please consult the Forum's website at


Both of our Seward Award winners succeeded in offering new insights and exploring new ground about Generals who are already the subject of more than a few admirable biographies.  We learn from Rebel Yell that Jackson was an excellent administrator notwithstanding his personal foibles.  Mr. Gwynne devotes considerable attention to Jackson's Calvinist Christianity and how it affected both Jackson's conduct and his attitude towards the Confederacy, which he envisioned as a theorcracy of some sort.  We learn new details about Jackson's close relationship with his sister, who disappointed him by remaining loyal to the Union, and his less than distinguished career at VMI, where he earned the sobriquet "Tom Fool Jackson."  For more information, please consult the publisher's website at


Fierce Patriot contends that Sherman deserves primary credit for injecting adaptability into the spirit of the American soldier, a quality that has helped make the American soldier so outstanding in the century and a half since the end of the Civil War.  One example cited by Mr. O'Connell is Sherman's use of intelligence obtained from runaway slaves as to Confederate troop movements and geographical questions.  A key contrast he draws is between Sherman's relations with his in-laws (who wanted to control many aspects of his life) and with U.S. Grant, who developed confidence in Sherman and accordingly gave him substantial leeway to carry out his assigned missions.  For more information, please consult the publisher's website at


The William H. Seward Award was established by James W. Davis and is funded through his generosity.  It is awarded by the Civil War Forum's Seward Award Committee, comprising Mr. Davis, Nathan Burkan, and Nancy Newcomb.  Past winners of the Seward Award are

Joan Waugh, U.S. Grant: American Hero, American Myth

Gail Stephens, Shadow of Shiloh:  Major General Lew Wallace and the Civil War

Tony Horwitz, Midnight Rising, John Brown and the Raid Tthat Sparked the Civil War

Henry W. Brands, The Man Who Saved the Union in War and Peace:  Ulysses S. Grant

Walter Stahr, Seward, Lincoln's Indispensable Man

Robert W. Lull, Civil War General and Indian Fighter: James M. Williams

The Civil War Forum of Metropolitan New York is an education corporation chartered by the New York State Board of Regents.  It meets monthly in new York City for a discussion about topics relating to the Civil War Era.


Our congratulations to Mr. O'Connell and Mr. Gwynne and our thanks to Mr. Davis for his generosity and to the Seward Award Committee for its diligence.





History: January/February 2010: Atlantic
Saving hallowed ground from a Big Box invader
by Ta-Nehisi Coates

WalMart and the Civil War

Thanks to Conrad Eberstein and Bob Gagnon for suggesting this link


Walmart Drops Wilderness Plan

In an unexpected development on the day that a trial was scheduled to begin in the case, Walmart announced that it has abandoned plans to pursue a special use permit previously awarded to the retail giant for construction of a supercenter on the Wilderness Battlefield. 


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The  Summer 2015

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The MAY 19-22 2016 Battlefield Tour:
Lee's Retreat: Petersburg, and Appomattox

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Audio Podcast

Photo by Nathan Burkan
Last Battle
Chris Mackowski

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55 minutes
Recorded March 20, 2013

Henry Halleck:
 his Genius and his Dark Side

Photo: Nathan Burkan

Podcast of Jim Santagata's talk to the Forum on December 15, 2010
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Was the Civil War

Photo: Nathan Burkan

Jamie Malanowski
The New York Times

Podcast of Jamie Malanowski's
 talk to the Forum on
March 16, 2011

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to go to David S. Reynolds' New York Times review of Eric Foner's The Fiery Trial: Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery

NY Times Story
on the CWFMNY /
Ely Parker talk

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